Way to go Beautiful Soul - Poem for the Ones afraid to Shine their Light

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Closed eyes
Shakiness, trembling
You know this feels and sensations
Oh my

Inhaling deeply
As you ground yourself
Feet touching the earth
Soaking with centering lightness
Nourishing your body

All the tension
Releasing heavy energy
Giving it back to earth

for an even deeper breath following

While feeling the darkness around
You feel safe within yourself
A warm open heart
Rooted consciousness
Aware and observative

And you open your eyes
Gazing at the darkness surrounding you
Your hand rises
trying to grasp what you cannot see

Finally stepping forward
Shining your light brave and bright
Into the unknown darkness

Not knowing and not asking
where it will land
what it will attract
who it will blind

But fully aware
that you will be casting shadows

Way to go
wonderful soul
You got this

I love you